Thank you to all those who came to the Washington State Collaborative during Rise24. It was wonderful to meet so many new people.

Reach out to your local elected officials, encouraging their attendance at therapeutic court hearings, graduations, and other connected events. Click the flyer for information on your local legislative members.

You can review a sample outreach letter here.

Join us in recognizing the remarkable achievements of Washington’s Therapeutic Courts as we celebrate the positive impact they’ve had on individuals and communities across the state. Through the collaborative efforts of dedicated professionals and participants committed to change, Washington’s Therapeutic Courts have become beacons of hope, fostering growth, healing, and second chances.

Below is a snapshot of 2023 data collected from 15 Washington’s Therapeutic Courts. Imagine the positive outcomes of ALL the 140+ therapeutic courts across Washington state.

Empowering Communities, Changing Lives

This data includes information from Mental Health Court (5), Drug Court (2), Family Court (1), DUI Court (3), and Community Court (4), operate across various levels, including Superior (3), District (7), and Municipal (5), catering to the diverse needs of individuals and communities statewide.

Through a holistic approach that combines treatment, support, and accountability, these specialized courts provide a lifeline for those grappling with substance abuse, mental health challenges, and other complex issues. By addressing underlying factors and fostering a culture of understanding and support, Washington’s Therapeutic Courts are not only transforming individual lives but also strengthening the fabric of our communities.

Join the Movement, Spread the Message

As we celebrate Therapeutic Court Month 2024, let’s amplify the voices of those who have found hope, healing, and redemption through these vital programs. Together, let’s challenge misconceptions, break down stigmas, and celebrate the resilience and achievements of participants and the professionals who support them.

Join us in spreading the message of hope and possibility. Together, we can continue to build a brighter, healthier future for all.

Shout out to all the courts who submitted information to support sharing therapeutic court successes across the state!